Are you an employee serving LBrands? In this case, you can access all of your employment resources online. There is a portal termed as the ACES ETM portal, which enables L’brands employees to get information regarding their pay stubs, working hours, performance details, direct deposit information, and many other job-related resources.

This solely means that as an LBrands employee you can easily access the ACES ETM login portal and the sign-in page. You can easily access all the order related resources that you require on this portal.

ACES Limited Brands is one of the most popular and the most loved companies that operates a retail store. It operates and manages some of the very popular brands like Pink, Victoria’s Secret, La Senza, and Bath & Body Works.

If you are providing your services at Marques Limitées retail stores, you have access to the self-service network.

Official Login or Get Support

The only people who can join the network are the allowed and the authorized users. If you resign or if you are terminated from the limited brands, you will no longer be allowed to access the portal. You can access the ACES ETM official portal only for 30 days from the date of your resignation.

All employees of the LBrands can sign up on this self-service website. You can check and save the advantages offered on this portal. You can also effectively utilize the services of other employees. Sometimes the company updates new tasks on the personal team account. Employees can also check and stay updated regarding their work schedule.

Registering on this portal and accessing the same is an extremely easy task. This portal is extremely useful for current or new LBrands employees. In order to create an account on this portal, you need to follow some simple steps. Also, this is a highly encrypted portal. Thus, we can say ACES ETM is an extremely secure portal to be used for all the L’brand employees.

ACES ETM Rules and Regulations

Some of the rules and regulations required to be followed to use this portal are as follows:

  1. The username you submit must be six-digit long.
  2. You must not use 0 at the beginning of the username.
  3. Some details will be inquired when you register on this portal. You must submit those details correctly. If at any stage, it is found that the details submitted are incorrect, your registration will be terminated, and your job might get affected too.
  4. The password you submit must be unique and difficult to guess.

ACES ETM Portal Registration Procedure

To register yourself on the official portal, you just need to follow some simple steps. Have a look at those steps below:

  • Firstly, visit the official portal on the website of the LBrands.
  • Now, you will be prompted to submit the details like the SSN and the NAS number. Submit those details.
  • Now, you will be asked to submit the details like the birth of date, your name, your contact details, etc.
  • After that, you need to submit your valid and working e-mail address.
  • Verify the e-mail address.
  • Now, submit the password you wish to use for your future access to the ACES ETM portal. Keep it unique and difficult to guess. We highly recommend that please don’t use the date of your birth or your name as your password.
  • Now, you will be displayed a set of terms and conditions. Just go through it once and tap the “Submit” button.
  • A message indicating your successful registration will be displayed on your screen. These steps conclude your successful registration on the official ACES ETM portal.

ACES ETM Login Procedure

Just follow the instructions explained below to access your ACES ETM account:

  • Firstly, visit the ACES Login official portal at the address
  • Now submit the user ID in the empty text field.
  • Now submit the account password that you submitted during the registration procedure in the second empty text field.
  • Tap the Submit button. If the submitted details are correct, you will be directed to your account home page.

Many huge companies use the ACES ETM sign-up portal as an online employee portal. It is absolutely necessary that a company requires a portal for its employees. An online portal allows the management team of a firm to manage its employees easily. This portal has been working like magic for the management team of the L’brand and the employees.

Official NameACES ETM
UsersEmployees of the L'Brands
CountryUnited States

We understand that you might face some issues while accessing the ACES Login
portal. So we took the first step and researched everything on this portal. This article explains how to access the ACES ETM portal easily. This portal is one of the best ways for the management team of the LBrands to make sure that the life of the employees on its premises gets easy.

ACES ETM Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I access this online portal?

You can access this online portal at the address

Who can use the ACES ETM online portal?

All the employees who are working hard to make the Lbrands best can use this online portal.

I have left the job at the Lbrands. Can I access this portal?

No. The employees who resign their job or the employees who retire will not be allowed to use this portal.

It is necessary to know the rules and regulations before accessing this portal. First, the username ID must contain six digits of your user ID. You must not put the number zero at the starting of your identification number. Second, the password submitted during registration must match your user ID. You can replace it with another password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess. In case, you forget, you can reset your account password easily by contacting customer support.

The steps to register and sign in to your ACES Limited Brands account are easy to be performed. You won’t face any issues while accessing this portal even if you are a new user. Kindly, remember that you must submit the correct SSN during the registration procedure. In case, you submit the incorrect SSN, your registration procedure will be terminated.

When we talk about LBrands, there are many factors and facts to consider. ACES ETM is an online portal that has been used by the majority of LBrands employees. If any employee faces any sort of issues while accessing this portal, you can contact the customer support team of this portal anytime.


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